Fiesta On Main® Gallery

FIESTA ON MAIN® Gallery, featuring folk art and fine arts, is now located on the west wing of the second floor inside Fiesta At North Star. All Fiesta On Main folk art items are now available in this unique gallery. The gallery is open to the public, accessible by visiting our Dia De Los Muertos Museum.

Due to the pandemic, our original store on Main Ave has been relocated to the second floor of Fiesta At North Star. Our new location will combine all of our Latin American popular art for every season, clothing for men, women, and children, fiesta supplies, and many other cultural products on the first and second floors of our Fiesta At North Star location.

Address: 102 W. Rector St., Second Floor, West Wing,  San Antonio, Texas 78216 U.S.A

Phone: (210) 591-8144 or (210) 738-1188 Web: